Saving Escape

Saving Escape

Sun 6/3 @ 5:30 - Acoustic Sound Stage

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Saving Escape started as a basement project in 2014. The band, who at the time were mutual friends and students of the O’Keefe Music Foundation, decided to take their lessons one step further. Beginning with cover songs, SE started honing their craft. After a few years, their desire to be identified as an original band grew. Writing their own music became an undying passion, drawing inspiration from some of the most prominent rock bands in history. Their sound is a mix of bluesy riffs, thunderous bass and drums, and penetrating vocals. In 2017, the band began recording their first EP with producer, Joe Viers, Sonic Lounge Studios, Columubus, OH. Since 2016, SE has remained a team favorite of the Cincinnati Reds, playing several events which include Kids Opening Day 2016/2017 as well as Reds Fest 2016/2017. SE has had the pleasure of opening for Zach Myers (Shinedown) and Palaye Royale. 

Kala Rose (Lead vocals & rhythm guitar): Kala has been singing for 10 years and has played guitar for 9 of those all while a student of the O’Keefe Music Academy, Cincinnati, OH, studying under Aaron O'Keefe and Josh Cole. Since 2016, she has studied under vocal coach, Brett Manning, who is known to have worked with Taylor Swift, Hayley Williams, Keith Urban, Leona Lewis, Luke Bryan, and Miley Cyrus, to name a few. The most memorable show she has played was opening for Palaye Royale at Bogart’s, Cincinnati, OH. Kala enjoys writing songs and discovering good music.

Jacob Boldman (Lead Guitar): Jacob took interest in guitar after receiving Guitar Hero III as a Christmas gift. Jacob has been playing guitar for 8 years and hails Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mayer, Tyler Bryant, Mateus Asato, and Duane Allman as his influences. Jacob is also a student of the O’Keefe Music Academy, studying under Josh Cole. Besides music, Jacob’s other interests are coffee, fashion, and gaming.

Charlotte Graham (Bass): Since she was a kid, Charlotte knew she was meant to be on a stage. She started in theater but eventually switched over to the rock & roll stage, studying guitar at the O’Keefe Music Foundation, under Aaron O'Keefe.  After about a year, Charlotte transitioned to bass and has never looked back, thanks to her instructor, Josh Cole. Some of her inspirations are Jimi Hendrix and Larry Graham.

Alex Muccino (Drums): Alex has been playing drums for as long as he can remember, some of his inspirations include John Bonham, Steve Jordan, Chris Dave, and his music instructor Morgan Asher, O’Keefe Music Foundation. Some of Alex’s other interests include collecting vintage gear, audio engineering, and graphic arts.

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