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During Bunbury 2019, be sure to stop by the Braxton Breewing Company's Craft Beer Village! This is the place for the beer geek in all of us. Craft Beer Villiage is located North West of the Pavilion Stage near the Cincinnatus statue.

Introducing the Official Craft Beer of Bunbury Music Festival

Buzz Honey Peach Kölsch

Braxton Brewing Company

It’s no secret that we love live music. Whether it’s in our Covington taproom or in the Beer Garden at Braxton, nothing pairs better with live music than local craft beer. That’s why we’ve been so excited to be the Official Craft Beer of Bunbury Music Festival.

Buzz Honey Peach Kölsch was launched in cans in March and is available where your favorite Braxton beers are sold. Light and crisp, this is the perfect pair for whatever is up next in your Summer playlist. So, it should be no surprise that Buzz will be featured at Bunbury.

Bee free. Let the sweet sound of music take control and lift one to life!

A crisp, light bodied and slightly sweet balanced beer with subtle peach flavors and hop characters. This tasty twist on a traditional Kölsch style is brewed to be the perfect outdoor summer sipper, pairing perfectly with whatever you and your friends’ playlist has in queue. 5.1% ABV 24 IBU

About Braxton Brewing Co:

Born in a garage, a passion for brewing has become an entrepreneurial obsession. Melding the age-old tradition of brewing beer and innovative new-age technology, dreams are born and fermented at Braxton Brewing Company. It is the hub of our lives and a place where we showcase our passion for brewing beer. It’s here, where our expert team holds every single pint of Braxton beer to the highest standard of excellence. And like the garage of our past, our new home is deeply rooted in the community of Covington, Kentucky.

So, welcome to Braxton Brewing Company. You’re witnessing a dream come to life.

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